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Scenario Wizard Details

This xmerge code below can be used in a template linked to a scenario wizard to output details of the scenario.

You can also access these fields when using the scenario variable substitution method.

Setec Astronomy

Scenario Name: <:=$client.scenario.scenario_name:>
Scenario Group: <:=$client.scenario.scenario_group:>

All Fields




Scenario Name scenario_name <:=$client.scenario.scenario_name:>
Scenario Group scenario_group <:=$client.scenario.scenario_group:>
Created At created_at <:=$client.scenario.created_at:>
Created By created_by <:=$client.scenario.created_by:>
Updated By updated_by <:=$client.scenario.updated_by:>
Updated At updated_at <:=$client.scenario.updated_at:>

Linked Case

Use the syntax below to detect and extract details about a linked case

Setec Astronomy

Linked Case: <:=$client.scenario.linked_container:>
Linked Case Name: <:=$>


List of Scenario Wizards

No, it is not possible to get a list of scenario wizards via xmerge for an entity.

The recommended way to get this data is via Xport.

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