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Syntax to extract details from Xplan Tasks:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $client.tasks_client:>
Task ID: <>
Task Name: <:=item.subject:>

Task Fields

All the fields below can be used in the loop above:




Task ID id <>
Type type <:=item.type:>
Subtype subtype <:=item.subtype:>
Task Kind taskkind <:=item.taskkind:>
Subject subject <:=item.subject:>
Description description <:=item.description:>
Status status <:=item.status:>
Outcome outcome <:=item.outcome:>
Template id templateid <:=item.templateid:>
Assigned By assigner <:=item.assigner:>
Assigned To assignee <:=item.assignee:>
Client client <:=item.client:>
Group egroup <:=item.egroup:>
Priority priority <:=item.priority:>
Due Date duedate <:=item.duedate:>
Due Days duedays <:=item.duedays:>
Reminder Days reminderdays <:=item.reminderdays:>
Completed Date completedate <:=item.completedate:>
Deactivated deactivated <:=item.deactivated:>
Linked Thread ID threadid <:=item.threadid:>
Likelihood likelihood <:=item.likelihood:>
FUA fua <:=item.fua:>
Initial Revenue revenue <:=item.revenue:>
Ongoing Revenue ongoing <:=item.ongoing:>
Forecast FUA forecast_fua <:=item.forecast_fua:>
Forecast Initial forecast_revenue <:=item.forecast_revenue:>
Forecast Ongoing forecast_revenue <:=item.forecast_ongoing:>
Benchmark Days benchmark <:=item.benchmark:>
Benchmark Minutes benchmin <:=item.benchmin:>
Viewable by Entity entity_viewable <:=item.entity_viewable:>
Permission permission <:=item.permission:>
Notifications notification <:=item.notification:>
Linked Diary linked_with_diary_event <:=item.linked_with_diary_event:>
Force Time Taken forcetimetaken <:=item.forcetimetaken:>
Time Taken timetaken <:=item.timetaken:>
Non Charged Time Taken nc_timetaken <:=item.nc_timetaken:>
Total Time Taken total_timetaken <:=item.total_timetaken:>
Activated Stamp activatedstamp <:=item.activatedstamp:>
Modified Stamp modifiedstamp <:=item.modifiedstamp:>
Created Stamp createdstamp <:=item.createdstamp:>
Modified by modifiedby <:=item.modifiedby:>

Check for Tasks

Using the len() function is the simplest way to see if any tasks or specific filtered tasks exist:

Setec Astronomy

<:if len($client.tasks_client):>
<:for item in $client.tasks_client:>
Task Name <:=item.subject:>
No Tasks found

More specific task search :

Setec Astronomy

<:if len([x for x in $client.tasks_client.filter(type=’General’) if str(x.status.text) != “Complete”]):>
<:for item in [x for x in $client.tasks_client.filter(type=’General’) if str(x.status.text) != “Complete”]:>
Task Name <:=item.subject:>
No General Tasks without a “complete” status found

Filtering Tasks

Filter to type

Setec Astronomy

<:if len($client.tasks_client.filter(type=’General’)):>
<:for item in $client.tasks_client.filter(type=’General’):>
Task Name <:=item.subject:>
No Tasks of this type found

Alternative multi conditional filter

This style syntax construction can be useful for when you have multiple conditions or other complex patterns you need to include in your conditioning:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in [x for x in $client.tasks_client.filter(type=’General’) if int(x.status.value) not [‘1000’, ‘2000’]]:>
Task Name <:=item.subject:>

Filtering Tasks by date range

Example of outputting tasks that were completed within the last year:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $client.tasks_client:>
<:if int(datetime_merge - 365 * Day) <= int(item.completedate):>
Task Name <:=item.subject:>

Sorting Tasks

You can easily sort your Tasks xmerge with the .sort() function:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $client.tasks_client.sort(‘duedate’):>
Task Name <:=item.subject:>

Reverse Sort

You can easily reverse the sort by adding “-” into the .sort() function

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $client.tasks_client.sort('-duedate'):>
Task Name <:=item.subject:>

Sort and Filter

Example of how sort and filter can be used together:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $client.tasks_client.filter(type=’General’).sort(‘status’):>
Task Name <:=item.subject:>

Output most recently activated task

This code sorts the tasks by most recently activated first but then limits the output to only show 1 record:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $client.tasks_client.sort(‘-activatedstamp’)[:1]:>
Task Name <:=item.subject:>

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