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Superannuation Fees

For those who have wealthsolver you can merge out the actual platform costs and fees with this syntax:
Note: You do not need to have a wealthsolver scenario to use this

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $>
Fee Name: <:=item.plan.rollover_plan_fees.fee_name(‘icr‘):>
Fee Amount ($): <:=item.rollover_plan_fees.fee_amount(‘icr‘):>
Fee Percent (%): <:=item.rollover_plan_fees.fee_perc(‘icr‘):>

List of Fee ID’s

These are standard fee id’s that can be used in the syntax above (replace ‘icr‘):



Brokerage Fee brokerage_fee
Additional Brokerage Fee supplementary_brokerage_fee
Entry Fees entry_fees
Exit Fees exit_fees
Buy Sell Costs buy_sell_cost
Withdrawal Fee withdrawal_fees
Other Fees other_fees
Membership Fees membership_fee
APRA apra_levy
Operational Risk Reserve Levy operational_risk_reserve_levy
Performance Fees performance_fees
SMA Admin sma_admin_access_fee
Administration Fees administration_fees
Investment Costs icr
Managed Fund Fee managed_fee
Listed Securities Fee listed_fee
Trustee Fees trustee_fees
Expense Recovery expense_recovery_fee
Portfolio Construction Fee portfolio_fee
External Brokerage ex_brokerage_fee
Contributions contribution_fee
Adviser Service Fee adviser_service_fee
Other Ongoing Costs other_ongoing_costs
Total Insurance Premium (Super) super_total_insurance_premium
Total Upfront Costs total_upfront_costs
Net Ongoing Costs net_ongoing_cost
Gross Ongoing Costs gross_ongoing_costs
Demonised Commissions    
Ongoing Insurance insurance_commission_amt
Contributions Commission cont_commission
Upfront Commission upfront_commission
Trail Commission trail_commission
Adviser Commission adviser_commission
Upfront Fee Rebates upfront_rebates
Investment Fee Rebate investment_rebate
Other Rebates other_rebates
Ongoing fee rebates ongoing_rebates
Trail Commission Rebate trail_commission_rebate
Contributions Commission Rebate cont_commission_rebate
Upfront Commission Rebate upfront_commission_rebate
Total Rebates total_rebates

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