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Company Key Persons

Key Persons are individuals whose skills, position or revenue generation are integral to the businesses operations.  These individuals are usually insured with Key Man policies by the business.  Xplan provides a standard element to record these details and the syntax below will help you output these into your documents and reports:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $client.company_keypersons:>
Name: <:=item[0].first_name:> <:=item[0].last_name:>
Job Title: <:=item[0].jobtitle:>

Director Fields

All the fields and values for the standard Directors record in Xplan:




Key Person Entity ID^ Integer <:=item[0].entity_id:>
Title String <:=item[0].title:>
First Name String <:=item[0].first_name:>
Surname String <:=item[0].last_name:>
Preferred Name String <:=item[0].preferred_name:>
Employer String <:=item[0].employer:>
Job Title String <:=item[0].jobtitle:>
Revenue Protection (%) Float <:=item[1]:>
Business Protection (%) Float <:=item[2]:>
Preferred Phone String <:=item[0].preferred_phone:>
Preferred Email String <:=item[0].preferred_email:>
Preferred Street* String <:=item[0].preferred_address.street:>
Preferred Suburb String <:=item[0].preferred_address.suburb:>
Preferred State Float <:=item[0].preferred_address.state:>
Preferred Postcode Float <:=item[0].preferred_address.postcode:>
Comment N/A Cannot be merged


^ item[0] is an entity object so you can access all details about the key person entity like you normally would using $client.
* preferred_address is a container, you can access all fields including any custom address fields through this object

As a Related Entity

There can be cases where you are within one client record and wish to merge through details about the other entities or structures that have been linked to or related to this client. In these cases the coding shown above needs to be slightly modified:

Looping through related entities

The main difference is you need to loop through the related entity object ($company)

Setec Astronomy

<:for entity in $company:>
<:for item in entity.company_keypersons:>
Name: <:=item[0].first_name:> <:=item[0].last_name:>
Job Title: <:=item[0].jobtitle:>

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