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Portfolio Accounts

A wealth of information can be stored against the account details of each portfolio account (subfund).  This can be used to filter and split accounts in various ways.  The syntax below outlines the range of data that can be extracted for each account:

Setec Astronomy

<:for account in $client.portfolio_accounts():>
Account Name: <:=account.subfund_desc:>
Account Type: <:=account.tax_structure:>
Status: <:=account.client_status:>


All the fields below can be used in the loop above:




Name subfund_desc <:=account.subfund_desc:>
Description description <:=account.description:>
Tax Type tax_type <:=account.tax_type:>
Provider provider <:=account.provider:>
Platform platform <:=account.platform:>
Risk Profile (Value) risk_profile <:=account.risk_profile:>
Risk Profile (Name) risk_profile_name <:=account.risk_profile_name:>
Status client_status <:=account.client_status:>
Corporate Actions    
Include Corp Actions corpActionMode <:=account.corpActionMode:>
..Cash Exclude excludeCashCorp <:=account.excludeCashCorp:>
..Exclude Corp excludeCorp <:=account.excludeCorp:>
FUM Scale fum_scale <:=account.fum_scale:>
FUM Scale ID fum_scale_id <:=account.fum_scale_id:>
Disclosure Fee Set platform_fee <:=account.platform_fee:>
Default CFD Provider cfdProviderCode <:=account.cfdProviderCode:>
Account Name subfund_account_name <:=account.subfund_account_name:>
Account Type tax_structure <:=account.tax_structure:>
Is Super subfund_is_super <:=account.subfund_is_super:>
Account Lock Date lockDate <:=account.lockDate:>
Account Last Updated - -
Adviser Code subfund_adviser_code <:=account[‘subfund_adviser_code’]:>
Master Link Account linkCode <:=account.linkCode:>
Product Name subfund_product_name <:=account[‘subfund_product_name’]:>
Account Investor Status tradingtype <:=account.tradingtype:>
..AFSL Number subfund_afsl <:=account.subfund_afsl:>
Mandate Category xpt_subfund_mandate_category <:=account.xpt_subfund_mandate_category:>
Mandate Code xpt_subfund_mandate_category <:=account.xpt_subfund_mandate_category:>
Custodial Entity custodialEntityCode <:=account.custodialEntityCode:>
Default Cash Code cashCode <:=account.cashCode:>
Default Cash Exchange cashExchange <:=account.cashExchange:>
Default CGT Positions defaultCGT <:=account.defaultCGT:>
Apply GST gst_applied <:=account.gst_applied:>
Benchmark benchmarkName <:=account.benchmarkName:>
Bench Adjustment benchmarkAdjustment <:=account.benchmarkAdjustment:>
Linked Margin Loan subfund_linked_margin_loan <:=account.subfund_linked_margin_loan:>
Margin Loan ID subfund_margin_loan_id <:=account.subfund_margin_loan_id:>
Borrowed Funds subfund_borrowed_funds <:=account.subfund_borrowed_funds:>
Include BGL Exports xpt_subfund_include_in_bgl_exports <:=account.xpt_subfund_include_in_bgl_exports:>
First Trade Date first_trade_date <:=account.first_trade_date:>
Last Trade Date last_trade_date <:=account.last_trade_date:>
Target Allocation allocation_target_name <:=account.allocation_target_name:>
Tech Data^    
Entity ID entityid <:=account.entityid:>
Portfolio ID portfolioid <:=account.portfolioid:>
IPS account ID ips_account_id <:=account.ips_account_id:>
Account ID accountid <:=account.accountid:>
Portfolio Name portfolioName <:=account.portfolioName:>
Unformatted Subfund subfund <:=account.subfund:>
Subfund ID ips_subfund_id <:=account.ips_subfund_id:>

^ These are most commonly used for more complex coding and data matching

Portfolio Account Types

To access portfolio account information for joint and shared entities requires an additional argument at the start of the code:

Partner accounts

Setec Astronomy

<:for account in $partner.portfolio_accounts():>
Account Name: <:=account.subfund_desc:>

Joint accounts

Setec Astronomy

<:for account in $client.portfolio_accounts(joint=True):>
Account Name: <:=account.subfund_desc:>

Shared Portfolio Accounts

Setec Astronomy

<:for account in $client.portfolio_accounts(shared=True):>
Account Name: <:=account.subfund_desc:>

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