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Identity Check

The identity check – sometimes labelled 100 point ID check – is a key area for storing all the details you used for a clients AMLCTF requirements.  By storing details here, particularly the expiry date you can proactively stay on top of client id documents through setting up Alerts and xmerge reports:

Setec Astronomy

100 Points of ID Status:
Identity Validated Date:
Identity Check Expiry Date:

Identity Check Document Details

Extract details about the entries in the ID Check:

Setec Astronomy

<:if len($client.manual_id_verification_list):>
<:for item in $client.manual_id_verification_list:>
No Identity documents have been recorded

Identity Document Fields

All the fields below can be used in the loop above:




Verified From verified <:=item.verified:>
Date of Issue issue_date <:=item.issue_date.format('%d %B %Y'):>
Place of Issue issue_place <:=item.issue_place:>
Country of Issue issue_country <:=item.issue_country:>
Description description <:=item.description:>
Name on Document name_on_document <:=item.name_on_document:>
Date of Birth birth_date <:=item.birth_date.format('%d %B %Y'):>
Place of Residence residence_place <:=item.residence_place:>
Expiry Date expiry_date <:=item.expiry_date.format('%d %B %Y'):>
Expiry Date 2 expiry2_date <:=item.expiry2_date.format('%d %B %Y'):>
Document Number document_number <:=item.document_number:>
Documents Issuer issuer <:=item.issuer:>
English Translation translation <:=item.translation:>
Related (Linked) Documents linked_docnotes <:=item.linked_docnotes:>
Attachment 1 attachment <:=item.attachment:>
Attachment 2 attachment1 <:=item.attachment1:>
Attachment 3 attachment2 <:=item.attachment2:>
Attachment 4 attachment3 <:=item.attachment3:>
Verified By verified_by <:=item.verified_by:>
Verified Date verified_date <:=item.verified_date:>
Type type <:=item.type:>
Points points <:=item.points:>

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