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Client General Health

Key fields associated with clients general health and bio:




Health Status health <:=$>
Height (cm) height <:=$client.height:>
Weight (Kg) weight <:=$client.weight:>
Choof Choof Habits    
Smoker is_smoker <:=$client.is_smoker:>
Smoked Last 6 Months smoked_in_last_6_mths <:=$client.smoked_in_last_6_mths:>
Smokes Per Day cigarettes_per_day <:=$client.cigarettes_per_day:>
Cigars Per Day cigars_per_day <:=$client.cigars_per_day:>
Pike Smoker pipe_smoker <:=$client.pipe_smoker:>
Drinking Habits    
Drinker is_drinker <:=$client.is_drinker:>
Beers per week beers_per_week <:=$client.beers_per_week:>
Wines per week wines_per_week <:=$client.wines_per_week:>
Spirits per week spirits_per_week <:=$client.spirits_per_week:>

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