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Linked Employment Income

In the employment group you have the ability to add and link to specific cashflow records.  This syntax can be used to extract those details:

Setec Astronomy

<:if len([x for x in $client.employment if x.linked_income]):>
<:for item in $client.employment:>
<:for income in item.linked_income:>
Income Type: <:=income.type:>
Income Amount: <:=income.amount:>
Frequency: <:=income.freq.text:>

Once you are in the item.linked_income loop you can merge any of the cashflow details.

You can link multiple different income records to a single employment record which is why we loop through.

Income linked to Employment

There may be instances where you want to detect or extract the linked employment details attached to an income record (the reverse of the above).  Since there’s a 1:1 relationship between income and the employment record, we don’t need to loop through the linked object.

Setec Astronomy

<:if len([x for x in $client.cashflow if str(x.type_group.text) == “Income” and x.linked_employment]):>
<:for item in [x for x in $client.cashflow if str(x.type_group.text) == “Income” and x.linked_employment] :>
Job Title: <:=item.linked_employment.jobtitle:>
Occupation: <:=item.linked_employment.iqm2_occupation:>
or any other fields from the employment group

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