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Employment Details

Xmerge syntax for the clients key employment details.  No need to loop through the employment group for these:




Job Title jobtitle <:=$client.jobtitle:>
Occupation iqm2_occupation <:=$client.iqm2_occupation:>
Status emp_statusr <:=$client.emp_status:>
Employer employer <:=$client.employer:>
On Probation on_probation <:=$client.on_probation:>
Employment Comments emp_comment <:=$client.emp_comment:>
Other Fields    
Retirement Date retire_date <:=$client.retire_date:>
Education education <:=$>
Industry industry <:=$client.industry:>


What if my client has multiple jobs or multiple employment records saved?

Only one employment record can be set as the main occupation.  Which ever one is set to be the main occupation is what will merge through with the codes on this page.  If you want to extract other employment records, consider looping through the employment group instead.

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