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Preferred Contact Details

Rather than looping through a list, you can pull out any contact details flagged as “preferred” easily like this:




Preferred Phone preferred_phone <:=$client.preferred_phone:>
Preferred Email preferred_email <:=$client.preferred_email:>
Preferred Web preferred_web <:=$client.preferred_web:>
Preferred Skype preferred_skype <:=$client.preferred_skype:>
Preferred Fax (lol) preferred_fax <:=$client.preferred_fax:>

Preferred Contact Loop

To filter the contact loop to only merge contact records set to preferred – yes:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $‘preferred=1’):>
<:=item.type:> – <:=item.value:>

To further filter down to the preferred type you can do the following:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $‘preferred=1’).filter(‘type=p3’):>
<:=item.type:> – <:=item.value:>

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