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Contact Group Details

This is a core Xplan group where all the clients contact information such as: phone, email, mobile etc, is stored.

Most commonly these details are accessed through the following general loop:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $>
<:=item.type:> – <:=item.value:>

Contact Group Fields

All the fields from the contact group can be used in the loop above:




Type type <:=item.type:>
Contact Detail iterator.value <:=item.value:>
Preferred preferred <:=item.preferred:>
Preferred SMS Mobile^ preferred_sms_mobile <:=item.preferred_sms_mobile:>
Less common fields    
Area Code area_code <:=item.area_code:>
Extension contact_extension <:=item.contact_extension:>
Country Code country_code <:=item.country_code:>
Integration Indicator integration_indicator <:=item.integration_indicator:>
External Identifier xpt_external_id <:=item.xpt_external_id:>
Notes notes <:=item.notes:>

^ see notes for more information

Filtering Contact Details

You will probably want to target which contact details merge out in various places of your documents.  Filtering based on the type of contact is common.

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $‘type=p1’):>
<:=item.type:> – <:=item.value:>

In the above example, “p1” is the value of the home phone type (you can find all the values in field definitions).

Standard contact Types Reference

  • p1 : Home Phone
  • p2 : Work Phone
  • p3 : Mobile Phone
  • p5 : Other Phone
  • m1: Home Email
  • m2: Work Email
  • m3: Other Email
  • ms: Email – SMS
  • w1 : Website

Note: fax and pager contact types have been omitted because…come on.

Checking for contact types

You can check to see if there’s any contact records saved or check if there’s a type of contact by using the syntax below:

Setec Astronomy

<:if len($>
<:for item in $>
<:=item.type:> – <:=item.value:>

Setec Astronomy

<:if len($‘type=p1’)):>
<:for item in $‘type=p1’):>
<:=item.type:> – <:=item.value:>


What’s preferred_sms_mobile

Key field used for things like digital signature – check your interface settings to ensure this field is visible for your users.

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