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Client Details

This syntax can be used to xmerge common key details about a client.

Use $client and $partner interchangeably as needed:




Entity ID entity_id <:=$client.entity_id:>
Entity Name name <:=$>
Title title <:=$client.title:>
First Name first_name <:=$client.first_name:>
Preferred Name preferred_name <:=$client.preferred_name:>
Second Name (middle) middle_name <:=$client.middle_name:>
Maiden Name maiden_name <:=$client.maiden_name:>
Surname (last name) last_name <:=$client.last_name:>
Initials initials <:=$client.initials:>
Gender sex <:=$>
Date of Birth dob <:=$client.dob.format('%d %B %Y'):>
Birthday birthday <:=$client.birthday:>
Marital Status marital_status <:=$client.marital_status:>
Marriage Date marriage_date <:=$client.marriage_date:>
Next of Kin nok <:=$client.nok:>
Next of Kin Relationship nok_relationship <:=$client.nok_relationship:>
Retirement Date retire_date <:=$client.retire_date:>
Salutation salutation <:=$client.salutation:>
Address Title address_title <:=$client.address_title:>
Photo photo <:=$>

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