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Standard Xplan Functions

These are built in, core xmerge functions with no
need to define them in your merge doc


Strings are everywhere in Xplan coding, the coding here can help you achieve your specific formats and outputs.


Short for length, len() is used extensively in Xplan coding to test for if conditions on: groups, arrays, objects and strings.



The standard inbuilt currency function helps you easily render integers and floats and dollar values in your outputs.



Its common in Financial Planning templates to need to sum up all sorts of figures and values, this shows you how.

Custom Functions

Custom functions you can declare and add to your templates to
speed up and refine your coding

Entity Names

Custom functions to making outputting names of clients and owners and just about anything else – vastly easier.

Custom Currency

Take the standard inbuilt currency function and supercharge it to reduce coding inputs and speed up deployments.


A simple function to simply render percents in your Template documents.

Join list

A handy function that makes it a breeze to output a list of items for use in sentence grammar.

Template Entities

Operational functions that improve your overall coding and templates especially around looping and iterations.

Entity Selector

Useful function to determine and split (if needed) the entities included in a template when using the scenario entity selector.

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