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Email Subscription Links

Email subscription link syntax can use any entity level boolean field in Xplan to present your clients with the ability to select Yes or No as part of an email they receive from you.  Their response is then sent back to Xplan and the field is updated for the client respectively.

Setec Astronomy

Subscribe (Yes)
<:=$recipient.subscribe_link(“boolean_field”, “Subscribe”):>

Unsubscribe (No)
<:=$recipient.unsubscribe_link(“boolean_field”, “Unsubscribe”):>


What are some of the things this is used for

Common uses are for opt-in and FDS Acknowlegements and corporate actions.  Others use it for general invitations etc.

How can you tell when a client has responded or a field is updated

While there are more manual ways to detect when clients have selected a response, alerts offers the best way to automate detection of these changes.

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