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Barcodes and Action Manager

Documents created via Xmerge can have a unique system-generated barcode inserted into the output documents. This barcode can be associated with one or more actions. When a scanned document containing a barcode is uploaded to XPLAN and is correctly identified, XPLAN automatically carries out the associated actions.

The syntax below can be used to generate a barcode onto your merged documents:

Setec Astronomy

Standard Barcode with Label:
<:=$barcode.make(‘code128’, label=True, xwidth=0.6):>

Barcode Parameters

Use the following parameters in the $barcode.make() function above.  Seperate parameters with a comma:




label Barcode with Label <:=$barcode.make('code128',label=True):>
label barcode no Label <:=$barcode.make('code128',label=False):>
xwidth Customise barcode width <:=$barcode.make('code128',xwidth=0.6):>
rotate Rotate Barcode Position <:=$barcode.make('code128',rotate=270):>
entityid Barcode for specific entity <:=$barcode.make('code128', entityid=$client.entity_id):>

Assign ownership of Action Manager document

Dynamically assign ownership of the Action Manager job to a particular entity.  This function requires an entityid be provided.

In the example below the Action Manager job will be assigned to the clients client adviser:

Setec Astronomy

Standard Barcode with Label:

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