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I/We, Me/Us, My/Our Declarations

When coding various forms or authorities, such as an Authority to Proceed (ATP), it is often common to need to adjust the wording of the document based on whether its being presented to an individual, a couple or even mulitple parties.

Adding these declarations either to the start of your template – as part of your standard kit –  or just before the relevant page, it makes the document vastly cleaner and easier to read as well as helping to standardise your code.

Setec Astronomy

<:let IWe = ’We’ if ($client.marriage_partner) or (not $client.is_individual) else ‘I’:>
<:let Iwe = ’we’ if ($client.marriage_partner) or (not $client.is_individual) else ‘I’:>
<:let MyOur = ’Our’ if ($client.marriage_partner) or (not $client.is_individual) else ‘My’:>
<:let myour = ’our’ if ($client.marriage_partner) or (not $client.is_individual) else ‘my’:>
<:let MeUs = ’Us’ if ($client.marriage_partner) or (not $client.is_individual) else ‘Me’:>
<:let meus = ’us’ if ($client.marriage_partner) or (not $client.is_individual) else ‘me’:>
<:let amAre = ’Are’ if ($client.marriage_partner) or (not $client.is_individual) else ‘Am’:>
<:let amare = ’are’ if ($client.marriage_partner) or (not $client.is_individual) else ‘am’:>

Example usage

This common paragraph from an Authority To Proceed, is now clean and easy to read all while automatically adjusting the pronouns/nouns respectively to ensure the document is personalised to those signing it.

Setec Astronomy

<:=IWe:> confirm that this Statement of Advice contains information that accurately reflects <:=myour:> reasons for seeking advice, goals and financial records. <:=IWe:> understand that if this information is incomplete or inaccurate than <:=Iwe:> risk implementing advice that may not be appropriate for <:=myour:> needs.

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