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Assets – Linked Portfolio

You can link a client focus asset stored in the assets group, with one of your ips portfolios.  It is often regarded as best practice for data purposes to do this.

In doing so there are many use cases where you may wish to output details of the portfolio investments:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $client.asset:>
<:if item.linked_portfolio_accounts:>
Account Name: <:=item.linked_portfolio_accounts[0].ips_subfund_id:>
<:for row in [x for x in $client.DoReport.ipsv.any_report(‘value’, report_source=’holdings’, portfolios=’AX,’, subreports=[‘portfolioid’, ‘subfund’, ‘code’, ‘exchange’], exclude_subfunds=’on’, restrict_subfunds=[(item.linked_portfolio_accounts[0].ips_portfolio_id, item.linked_portfolio_accounts[0].ips_subfund_id)])]:>
Investment Description: <:=row[‘description’]:>
Price: <:=row[‘valuationprice’]:>
Volume: <:=row[‘volume’]:>
Value ($): <:=currency(floatify(row[‘value’]),2):>

Once you are in the for row loop, you can use any portfolio value you would like to show from the ‘holdings’ report source.


License Restrictions

Users without an ips license can still run xmerge reports and extrct ips data, however the check to see if a client focus asset is linked to a portfolio (if item.linked_portfolio_accounts), actually has a license check on it.

So you may find this syntax fails if a user without IPS tries to run the above.

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