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Xmerge code to output all Annuities details:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $client.annuity:>
Provider: <:=item.product_provider:>
Description: <:=item.description:>
Sum Insured: <:=item.sum_insured:>


All the fields below can be used in the loop above:




Type type <:=item.type:>
Policy Number policy_number <:=item.policy_number:>
Policy Status policy_status <:=item.policy_status:>
Provider product_provider <:=item.product_provider:>
Description description <:=item.description:>
Payment Type payment_type <:=item.payment_type:>
Annuity Id annuity_id <:=item.annuity_id:>
Asset Code asset_code <:=item.asset_code:>
Asset Name asset_name <:=item.asset_name:>
Asset Exchange asset_exchange <:=item.asset_exchange:>
Portfolio Link linked_portfolio_accounts <:=item.linked_portfolio_accounts:>
Life Insured life_insured <:=item.life_insured:>
Sum Insured ($) sum_insured <:=item.sum_insured:>
Owner owner <:=item.owner:>
Comments notes <:=item.notes:>
Recommended Value recommended_value <:=item.recommended_value:>
Inception Date inception <:=item.inception:>
Maturity Date maturity_date <:=item.maturity_date:>
Guarantee Term guarantee_term <:=item.guarantee_term:>
Values Updated values_last_updated <:=item.values_last_updated:>
Last Updated By last_updated_by <:=item.last_updated_by:>
RCV (%) rcv_percentage <:=item.rcv_percentage:>
RCV Amount ($) rcv_amount <:=item.rcv_amount:>
Complying complying <:=item.complying:>
Initial Purchase ($) initial_amount <:=item.initial_amount:>
Purchase Type purchase_type <:=item.purchase_type:>
Income Amount ($) income_value <:=item.income_value:>
Tax Deductible tax_deductible_amount <:=item.tax_deductible_amount:>
Capital Portion capital_portion <:=item.capital_portion:>
Interest Portion interest_portion <:=item.interest_portion:>
Income Terms income_terms <:=item.income_terms:>
Frequency frequency <:=item.frequency:>
Commutation Value ($) commutation_value <:=item.commutation_value:>
Commutation as at commutation_as_at <:=item.commutation_as_at:>
Tax Withheld tax_withheld_by_product_provider <:=item.tax_withheld_by_product_provider:>

Annuity Owners

details for the annuity owner(s):

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $client.annuity:>
<:for owner in item.owner_list:>
Name <>
Percent: <:=owner.percent:>
Entity ID: <:=owner.entity_id:>

Using the Owner Entity ID

You can access full details about the owner entity through the entity id:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $client.annuity:>
<:for owner in item.owner_list:>
First Name <:=$entity(int(owner.entity_id)).first_name:>
Preferred Phone: <:=$entity(int(owner.entity_id)).preferred_phone:>

Annuity Payees

details for the annuity payees:

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $client.annuity:>
<:for payee in item.payee:>
Payee ID <:=payee.payee_id:>
Percentage: <:=payee.percentage:>
Payee: <:=$entity(int(payee.payee_id)).entity_name:>

Annuity: Check if exists

Use the len() function to check if any annuity records have been recorded:

Setec Astronomy

<:if len($client.annuity):>
<:for item in $client.annuity:>
Type <:=item.type:>
Sum Insured: $<:=currency(floatify(item.sum_insured.value), 0):>
No Annuities recorded

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