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Financial Services Guide (FSG)

Syntax to output details about the current FSG. These are standard client entity fields (can be used with $client/$partner):

Setec Astronomy

FSG Version: <:=$client.fsg_version:>
Date Provided: <:=$client.date_fsg_provided.format(‘%d %B %Y’):>

All FSG Fields




FSG Version fsg_version <:=$client.fsg_version:>
FSG Version Date fsg_version_date <:=$client.fsg_version_date:>
Date Provided date_fsg_provided <:=$client.date_fsg_provided:>
Adviser Profile fsg_adviser_profile <:=$client.fsg_adviser_profile:>
Adviser Profile Date fsg_adviser_profile_date <:=$client.fsg_adviser_profile_date:>
Adviser Profile Version fsg_adviser_profile_version <:=$client.fsg_adviser_profile_version:>
FSG Issuer fsg_issuer <:=$client.fsg_issuer:>
Method of delivery fsg_method_of_delivery <:=$client.fsg_method_of_delivery:>
Attachment fsg_attachment <:=$client.fsg_attachment:>
FSG Comment fsg_comment <:=$client.fsg_comment:>
Created and Modified    
Created Time fsg_createdtime <:=$client.fsg_createdtime:>
Last Modified Time fsg_modifiedtime <:=$client.fsg_modifiedtime:>
Last Modified By fsg_modifiedby <:=$client.fsg_modifiedby:>

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