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This is a standard inbuilt area of Xplan that can be used for compliance and administration of any client complaints.

The syntax here can be run against a $client or $user entity (as well as an entity list):

Setec Astronomy

<:for item in $client.complaint:>
Date Received: <:=item.received_date.format(‘%d %B %Y’):>
Complainant: <:=item.complainant_name:>
Source: <:=item.source:>


All the fields below can be used in the loop above:




Date Received received_date <:=item.received_date:>
Reference Number reference_number <:=item.reference_number:>
Medium medium <:=item.medium:>
Source source <:=item.source:>
Complainant complainant_name <:=item.complainant_name:>
Complainant Entity ID complainant_entityid <:=item.complainant_entityid:>
Complaint Against complainer_entityid <:=item.complainer_entityid:>
Nature nature_of_complaint <:=item.nature_of_complaint:>
Product Type product_type <:=item.product_type:>
Complaint Taken By complaint_taken_by <:=item.complaint_taken_by:>
Details of Complaint details <:=item.details:>
Outcome sought outcome <:=item.outcome:>
Date Acknowledgement sent date_ack_sent <:=item.date_ack_sent:>
Notes notes <:=item.notes:>
Date Response Sent date_response_sent <:=item.date_response_sent:>
Compensation compensation_paid <:=item.compensation_paid:>
Compensation Amount ($) compensation_amount <:=item.compensation_amount:>
Further Action Required further_action_required <:=item.further_action_required:>
Further Action further_action <:=item.further_action:>
Root Cause root_cause <:=item.root_cause:>
Closed Date closed_date <:=item.closed_date:>
Case threadid <:=item.threadid:>
Case ID threadid.value <:=item.threadid.value:>

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